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A list of reviews on audiology related topics in the past 10 years, compiled by Prof. Lena L N Wong. Prof Wong has not read or evaluated the quality of these papers but this is a list that hopefully will help anyone interested in evidence based practice to gain easier access to information and is not meant to be exhaustive or. Subject. UCTD (160) Hearing loss (11) Early communication intervention (7) Audiology (6) South africa (6) Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (5) Noise-induced hearing loss (5) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) (4) Audiometry (4) Cochlear implant (4). View More. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. August 2011. The role of reflection in audiology students development as professional practitioners A constructivist grounded theory. Stella Ng. The University of Western Ontario. Supervisor. Doreen Bartlett. The University of Western Ontario. Joint Supervisor. S. Deborah Lucy. Dysarthria refers to a group of motor speech disorders caused by damage to the central or peripheral nervous. Unpublished masters thesis, University of.

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in Audiology and Speech Pathology presented May 14, 1976. Title Assessment of Hearing Sensitivity by Use of the. Acoustic Reflex in the Geriatric Population. APPROVED BY MEMBERS OF THE THESIS COMMITTEE Mary E.Ci On, M.A.. The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of the SPAR test (Sensitivity. The Degree of Master of Audiology. 10 a The thesis is to be carried out under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Head of School of Population Health.